Everybody decorate his house according to their will, which reflects the visitor effectively. The family members spend their most of the time in this room .It can give us more benefits if we decorate it according to vastushashtra. We should follow these:-

    The living room is best in the north direction, besides south east direction, living room can be constructed.
    The door of living room is better in the north and east direction. Don’t construct the door in the south east and south west direction.
    Keep the cooler in the west direction not in the south east direction.
    Keep the T.V. at the angle of south or west or south east direction, not in the south west and north east direction.
    Don’t use of black or red color in this room.
    Put a picture of Ganpati on the outside of the wall.
    Keep your furniture in the west or south direction.
    The head of the family should keep his face in the north or east direction and also set the furniture in south & west direction
    Always use square & rectangular type of furniture.
    Don't put the photographs of Mahabharata, weeping girl or lady, birds and animals.


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