Kenderiya Kshestra

    The mid part of the house is called the central place(Braham sthan) of the house. Now-a-days, the builders and architects are keeping it in their mind and constructing the house according to vastushashtra. In ancient time, the central place is kept free that is called the braham sthan of the house. That’s why this place has the religious importance and this place always should be kept clean.

    Today the house is constructed without the central place but we should give proper attention towards this.

    You follow the following:-

    As far as possible do not construction in the central place.
    Do not construct basement.
    If you can’t leave the central place due to lack of land then do not construct kitchen, toilet, bedroom,well, water tank, saptic tank, waste storage room and swimming pool on that place.




Bed Room
Central Place
Dining Room
Living Room
Main Gate
Overhead Tank
Pooja Room
Study Room
Underground Tank