Shayan Kaksh

    Bedroom is very important in the constructed house. Each and every person want full relax from the fully tired day. He can sleep in a relaxive manner so that he can do his work with a new energy in the next day. Therefore, in the construction of bedroom and for sleeping, we should remember the following points:-

    Keep your M. bedroom in the south west direction.
    It is better to keep your bedroom in the south direction, through this the life run blissfully.
    From the point of health, it is better to sleep in the south direction of the bedroom.
    The head should be in the south direction to get sound sleep, so that the foot automatically in the north direction.
    Keep more open space in north and east direction instead of south and west direction.
    Children’s bedroom can be in the north east direction below the age of twelve years, but it is not beneficial for the adults.
    The bedroom should be in the north west direction for the guests, the guests will not stay here for long time.
    South west corner of the bedroom should be heavy.
    You can adjust your toilet, changing room, bathroom, bathtub in the west direction.
    The room of the head of the family should be in south west direction.


Bed Room

Bed Room
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