Home Sweet Home, Where we take Shelter to Enjoy the Sweet Fruits After Sweating Labour.


When we Enjoy our Health and Happiness, Peace and Prosperity, Progress and Wealth, Faith and Spiritual Development inside the Four Walls of our House, then only it is called a Home.


If because of any reason the surroudings and/or construction are improper and/or flawed our Health and Happiness and everything there after may get damaged.


In order to safeguard our Health and Happiness from ancient times, we have been practising certain rules to lay down the structure and interior of our House. This branch of ancient science is known as Vaastu.


Vaastu is an edeavour to make health and happiness, peace and prosperity and every positive energy stay with us for ever.



Structural Vaastu - !! Click Here !!






Bed Room
Central Place
Dining Room
Living Room
Main Gate
Overhead Tank
Pooja Room
Study Room
Underground Tank