Mr. Narinder Nagpal is a coveted name in the field of Numerology and Vaastu practice for many years. A very dynamic, perfectionist practitioner- Mr. Nagpal, is complimented often for his clarity in vision, and his unique systematic approach to yield satisfying results.


Mr. Nagpal is well-versed in Structural Vaastu – wherein the negative energies/fields are identified and cured using remedial vaastu practices, and is considered an authority in Numerology by many of his clients - wherein a number of cases such as personality traits and compatibility with job/business, lucky numbers/colors, suitable name/business name, suitable partner/life partner are proposed based on date of birth of the clients with clinical precision.


Based at Panipat, Mr. Nagpal is offering his services in places such as Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Panipat, and Sonepat. Of-late, he has started consulting in Pune too.


Please fix an appointment using the contact details and experience the change that Numerology/Structural Vaastu brings to your life.